Thursday, 27 March 2014

Meet the STB Team

We have our final line up for the 2014 Downhill Team which we are proud to present to you. Kona have helped us out massively and most of our riders are on the new highly desirable Kona Operator. Another super appreciated helping hand this year is the mutual support partnership with Sick Skills Mountain Bike Coaching run by the legendary Ben Cathro.

We will be doing all the BDS and SDA rounds with Antur Stiniog in North Wales kicking off this weekend.


Andrew Reynolds | Senior Men
"I have been interested in biking for as long as I can remember, however on watching a national points series downhill race at Innerleithen, I was amazed at the skills and speeds of the top riders, regardless of the conditions. I was instantly hooked and still am. My ultimate goal is to compete directly with such high level riders and I have committed most of my free time to this sport. My brother is also a keen rider and we compete against each other, whilst also building on each other’s strengths. My personal objective is to be classed in the expert category by 2015 and Elite by 2017, and at least one world cup by 2017."

Chris Reynolds | Senior Men
"I have always been interested in sport, in particular fast-paced action sports. When I first started downhill racing I admired the top achievers in my category and now, only a few years later, I am competing against them, and racing alongside some of the best riders in the field. Having my brother competing with me spurs on my competitive spirit and pushes us both to try and place ahead of the other one. Having achieved a few strong results this year I am looking positively towards my last few races of the season and to next season. As a junior I was ranked in the top 10 in the UK before a crash which put me out of action for almost a year. As well as my riding skills, I am very proactive in promoting my sponsors through means such as social network sites, blogs and general word of mouth. My objectives are to be promoted into the Expert category by 2015, to gain entry to a world cup event for 2016 and to be promoted to an Elite rider in 2017."

Rebecca Kennedy | Senior Women
"I have been competing in downhill mountain bike races for at least three years. I love the thrill, the adrenaline, the mental focus, the locations and the people that I meet. I am currently completing the Base Downhill course at Borders College in Galashiels and I have never felt stronger or more ready and determined to excel in this sport. I was elected student of the year in the sports department and I am proud to be currently ranked 1st Senior women's, as well as Scottish Champion 2013. I am already well known in the race circuit for achieving podium positions and promoting the sponsors’ support. I was awarded a scholarship by Jayfest in 2013 as the most promising rider. I have a lot to offer my sponsors, including my energy and focus on achievement. Unfortunately my 2013 race season was cut short by injury, however I intend to be back strongly by March 2014 to help the team achieve podium positions."

Euan Waugh | Senior Men
"It is a privilege to be part of the Singletrack Bikes race team.  I was introduced to downhill biking by some of the Singletrack Bikes race team members a few years ago and I have learnt to love it. My development was affected by a serious injury, which has only recently been addressed, however my biking career is now ready for re-launch. In order to reach my goals I intend to receive as much coaching as possible, both from professionals but also from shared experiences with the other team members.
My focus is on Regional races and Scottish Champs, to allow a graded development, and progress onwards from a firm base."

Gavin Taylor | Juvenile
"I became interested in cycling at quite a young age and have now developed a real hunger to compete. I pride myself on being socially active and promoting those who are helping me reach my goals. I owe a lot to my mum, dad and sister as without them I wouldn't have been able achieve what I have so far. My plans for next year are to place in the top 5 in Britain and hopefully manage to win a medal at National Champs. To help me achieve these goals I will be training really hard throughout the off season, on both my cross country, and my downhill, bike.  My ultimate goal is to reach the elite category, however I still have another 5 years until I am eligible to be considered."

Gemma Taylor | Youth Female
"My interest in downhill mountain biking started because of my dad. Now I am hooked and I can’t wait for the 2014 race season so that I can see if I can achieve all my goals. Having my brother at races helps me a lot as I have someone who I can train with and who pushes me to my limits. In 2014 I aim to work on my consistency and hope that this will help me in obtaining good results. I am a very social and outgoing person and am good at promoting brands through general word of mouth and also social medial."

Jamie Stewart | Junior Men
"I enjoy cycling and the challenge of downhill racing. I started downhill racing looking up to the top riders in my category and now after my first competitive race season I am competing amongst them. Watching the top riders in the world inspires me to be the best that I can be in this sport and has helped my progression as a competitive racer and as a rider. I am a naturally competitive person and each race builds my confidence and ability to push harder and faster. Having achieved strong results this year I have a positive outlook on next season. My ultimate goal is to enter the world cup circuit and to be in a position to race all over the world. I am passionately committed to this sport and I will do whatever it takes to reach my ultimate goal."

Gregor Notman | Expert Men
"Although I’m an outgoing person and enjoy a laugh, when it comes to racing I'm very competitive and always strive to do my best. 2013 has not been my strongest year, however my focus and performance improved towards the tail end of the season. This has only made me more hungry to do well next year. My ambition is to race a world cup and with the help and support of the Singletrack Bikes’ team I believe this could happen soon. I will be training hard over the winter with Mark Scott, enduro rider, and I am going to Malaga a couple weeks before the race season here kicks off to get a solid 2 weeks riding the bike, doing full runs and timing, preparing for the race season. I can’t wait!"

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