Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Help Lewis Buchanan race more World Cups

For those that know Lew, you will be aware of the warp speed this guy is capable of flying through sections. At Singletrack Bikes there is only so much we can do to help and support young athletes and know that Lew deserves a chance to compete on the World Cup circuit again. We know he has what it takes to be at the top of the World stage and has been devoting everything to training and racing to get going for the 2014 season.
He has the loan of a carbon Kona Operator capable of helping him achieve this, and with extra support from additional sponsors such as DVO Suspension he has it dialled right in and has bonded with the bike.
Lew is lucky to have the backing of his family who are throwing everything they can to help Lew get to where he needs to be. However, racing is expensive business, especially internationally and as a privateer. So Lew has launched a profile on makeachamp.com where supporters can make contributions and earn a little promotion in return as a thank you.
All we are trying to do at Singletrack Bikes is help provide a platform for Lewis to get back onto a factory team where he can flourish properly on the international circuit.
You can read his interview with mtbfreeride.tv about his campaign, and you can also contact Lewis through his profile page on makeachamp.com.
"Biggest thanks goes to my mum and dad for the continuing support. Singletrack bikes, Kona bikes, Raceface, DVO suspension, Just Riding Along custom wheels, DZR shoes, SilverfishUK "

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